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Water Softener Systems in Temple, TX

When Hard Water Ruins Your Pipes and Fixtures, Just Say “FIX IT!” and Let Us Install a Full Water Softener System in Your Home in Temple, TX

Texas’ water quality problems have been a long-standing issue for many households. Among them is the scale buildup caused by the abundant minerals from the ground. Because of this, homeowners are adding water filtration and softening systems to their home’s water system to reduce the hardness of the water, which damages pipes, ruins fixtures and contributes to skin irritations.

Call FIX IT! Services to install a quality water softener that can preserve your pipes and fixtures, allow you to spend less on soaps and detergents, make your skin healthier, and make water in your home taste better. We’re a certified water softener and filtration service provider in Temple, Texas, with factory-trained, professional technicians who can help you decide what system makes sense for your family. Thanks to our plumbers licensed by the State of Texas, you can be sure that your water softener system is installed by professionals who will do the job right.

Our decades of experience providing water softener installation and repair services in Temple, Texas, as well as in Austin, Round Rock and Waco, make us one of the most dependable local, full-service water experts in Central Texas.

Austin Water Softeners

Texas ranks as the state with the sixth-hardest water in the entire USA. When calcium and other dissolved minerals form scales, the accumulation can cause a lot of issues. It can block pipes and appliances, reduce heating efficiency, and increase energy consumption.

By taking advantage of our water filtration softener service in Temple, Texas, you can finally enjoy bath time using fresh, softened water. Your skin will feel softer and your hair healthier.

Our water softener systems make water taste more neutral and filter out unfavorable flavors that can spoil water-based drinks. You’ll also experience cleaner dishes and laundry while using less soap and detergents. You’ll also notice that sinks, bathtubs and fixtures don’t have crusty deposits after a Texas water softener and filtration is installed in your home.

How Does a Water Softener and Filtration System Work?

Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, which can damage metal pipes and form deposits around faucets and drains after the water evaporates. The most efficient and cost-effective way to prevent these deposits from ruining your fixtures and pipes is to filter them out using a softener system.

With a water softener system, hard water in Central Texas enters your home, and the resin inside the system strains the hard water minerals out, allowing only the softened water to enter your house’s plumbing. Your system continues to function by regenerating the cleaning cycle, running automatically around every 2-3 days so that all of the filtered minerals can be flushed.

The Benefits of Using Water Softeners to Enhance Drinking Water Include:

  • Improves Water Quality. A water filtration system purifies water for drinking, cooking, washing, and cleaning. It eliminates contaminants and provides better quality water than tap water.
  • Enhances Taste. A water filtration system enhances taste by removing unpleasant odors and flavors like chlorine from the water.
  • Eliminates Odors and Bad Tastes. Impurities in tap water can cause it to smell or taste bad. A water filtration system eliminates these impurities that cause foul-smelling or bad-tasting water.
  • Filters Out Harmful Contaminants. Many homes have tap water that is unsafe to consume due to contamination by toxins, pesticides, and chemicals. A whole-house water filtration system filters out these harmful substances and provides safe water for your family.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Using a whole-house water filtration system can replace plastic water bottles, which is good for the environment and it saves you money.
  • Extends Plumbing and Appliance Lifespan. Unfiltered water can cause sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, and chemicals to build up in pipes and your water heater, which can damage them over time. A water filtration system eliminates these harmful substances, extending the lifespan of your plumbing and appliances.
  • Removes Heavy Metals And Retains Essential Minerals. A water filtration system removes heavy metals from water while retaining essential minerals so that you have safe and healthy water.
  • Provides Peace of Mind. If you rely on your local water supply, you may be concerned about its quality. A water filtration system provides peace of mind by ensuring that your water is safe to use even if your local water supply becomes contaminated.
  • Reduces Corrosion. Corrosion in pipes can cause health problems and stains on appliances, fixtures, and sinks. A water filtration system eliminates these harmful substances, preventing corrosion and prolonging the lifespan of your pipes and appliances.

Water Softener Installers in Temple, TX

An expert water softening treatment has so many benefits, from long-term costs to health advantages for our skin, hair and body. We can help you decide what size and type of softener system is best for your family. We use only high-grade water softening and conditioning equipment designed to provide better water quality to help you save on costs and improve your well-being.

Call FIX IT! for same-day appointments and quick installations.

Water Softener Repair Services in Temple, TX

When you start to see the advantages of increased water pressure, cleaner clothes and dishes with less detergent, cleaner skin using less soap, softer skin and hair, and cleaner fixtures and drains, you’ll understand why more people from Austin to Waco and everywhere in between call FIX IT! Services for water softener installation.

Everyone should have clean water free of deposits. Don’t think that you have to endure the poor water quality in Texas. For your water softener maintenance, repair and installation needs, contact FIX IT! and let us help you solve your water issues with softer, better water.

Call us 24/7 for water softener services in Temple, Texas. Also ask about our whole house repiping , hydrojetting , and air conditioning and heating services .

What Our Client Says

Gilbert Carreon
Gilbert Carreon
Performed the Faucet repair and installation of a new Tub/shower accessories. Service truly great. I could not ask for a better plumbing company. Very prompt service! Repair work handled quite professionally and personnel was very well skilled to identify the root cause. Highly recommend
Elbert Rucker
Elbert Rucker
Westin went above a beyond
Came out, fixed my issues, I asked them to identify any other issues. He suggested a couple, gave me a quote and got it done all in a few hours. They'll be my go to for my home and anyone that asks. Easy, honest, simple and informative. He fixed the relief valve so if it blows it won't ruin my home, fixed the expansion tank leak and replaced problematic shark it connectors at the water heater. All in I think 4 hours or less depending on if you count the time he took to grab parts. All around very happy. $585 was the cost. I called around for like work and the price for just fixing my expansion tank came close to the above cost from competitors in the area. Solid solid people here.
Kristy Stryker
Kristy Stryker
TLDR - Everyone is awesome - Heather, Kevin, Joey - A+++ Thanks so much!! While it was such a headache to deal with my warranty company and try to get them to honor their contract, the silver lining is that's how I learned of Fix It Services and ended up using them to replace my hot water heater without using the warranty after all (grr). I have nothing but great things to say about everyone we've dealt with. The first technician who came out to diagnose the issue, Westin, was polite and quick to do what needed done and refer back to the warranty company. We ended up having some other technicians come out to give us a quote on the repair outside of warranty, and that was Kevin and Joey. They were fantastic. They took their time to answer our questions not only about the water heater but also about some water pressure concerns we had, and even talked about our water softener. They were very friendly, funny, and knowledgable. They did not mind spending time talking to us and swapping stories (and no, not because they were being paid for every minute they stayed either... lol). While we still tried to sort out our warranty issues over the course of a few days, Heather in the office continued to be such a delight to work with. She understood all of our frustrations (as did Kevin & Joey), worked really hard to be an advocate for us with the warranty company and dealt with a lot of back and forth phone calls and questions of both my husband and I while also dealing with the warranty company. Every single time we spoke to her she was polite and friendly, truly sounded eager to help and was not once bothered with us when we kept having to take some more time to decide how we wanted to move forward. - She did everything she could to swap schedules around and keep the technicians available for us as soon as possible, as we had already been without hot water for over a week. Kevin & Joey came back out to do the job, after waiting around on us for awhile to make the decision this morning. They were just as friendly as before, and were super efficient and professional in getting the install done correctly and quickly. They answered some more questions, provided some knowledge on flushing our system, tested our water hardness for us, and provided an estimate for a water softener. Every step of the process working with this company was a breeze and that's not easy to say about a lot of companies and contractors that are "randomly" assigned by warranty companies.
Corbin Winkle
Corbin Winkle
I broke off a water pipe 14inches inside the outer wall of our home. They came in and fixed the problem within two hours of the call. Kevin and Joey were professional and quick. The kind of people that measure twice and cut once. Exactly who you want to have work on your home. Ask for those guys.
Jesse Freeland
Jesse Freeland
Mother in law was charged 180.00 dollars to repair a leaky bathroom faucet. The faucet actually leaks more now. She has tried to contact the person who did the repair to get an invoice but hasnt had any luck. Sounds like the guy saw his chance to take advantage of an elderly person and did so. I would definitely think twice before using this company, nothing worse than someone that takes advantage of the elderly.
Savannah Kendricks
Savannah Kendricks
Fix it is amazing if you need anything plumbing/ AC related for your home. They were able to come out same day and fix the issue. Super friendly and explained everything to me so I understood the issue and could prevent it from happening again. Highly recommend!!
Sean Steel
Sean Steel
I had a leaky fitting for the hose outside of my house - from previous experience with other fittings on my house, I knew the fittings on this house were a bit tricky. Deonte and Tabitha arrived quickly, correctly diagnosed the issue, and had the problem resolved quickly, especially given the trickiness of the way my house was originally plumbed. Plus, they were very friendly and played with my dog whenever he wandered by.
Big Steve
Big Steve
Doug and Tina did great work today. Both worked hard and diligently to figure my pumping issues and once found. They went to work and fixed it in a timely manner. Both conducted themselves any very professional manner and broke down the plumbing issue to where it was easily understood. They even wore mask!!! Thanks again
Theresa Rose
Theresa Rose
A big shout out to Zac and Diante, who quickly came to my home, quite a distance away, to repair my hot water heater. They were professional, kind, helpful, and fun. I had several issues which they took care of; even traveling twice during the visit to obtain needed parts. Diante also walked me through how to easily flush my water heater for yearly maintenance. Great service!!