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Reach out to us for water heater repair or replacement in Temple, TX

Do you wait minutes in the shower or at the sink for hot water to finally start flowing? A broken or failing water heater can make even simple tasks frustrating. Fix It Services offers professional water heater repair and replacement to keep everything working properly. We'll assess the damage and give you an honest estimate in Temple, TX.

We have decades of experience servicing all brands of tankless and traditional water heaters. Call us today for swift and effective water heater repair.

How can you tell it's time for a water heater replacement?

How can you tell it's time for a water heater replacement?

A modern water heater can significantly reduce your energy costs and perform at a high level for decades. But when is the best time to invest in a new model? Schedule a water heater replacement if...

  • Your water heater is more than 15 years old
  • You've noticed rust-colored water coming out of faucets
  • Your water smells and tastes like metal
  • You've noticed odd cracking, banging and popping noises
  • You need to schedule frequent repairs

Choose a tankless water heater replacement to enjoy superior efficiency in a form-fitting design. Our team serves the Temple, Austin and Waco, TX areas.